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Supported Python Code

  • Int’s (with … bits, depends on how many you what to instanciate on the hardware), no other python types only plane ints (it means no list,dict,tuple,etc..)
  • If and while (comparisions with <,>, >=, ⇐,!=,== )
  • Assignments to globals or local varibles from const, globals or defined local variables
  • Operators: +. -, ^ ,~, |, & ,«,»
  • Simple Digital IOs access for Hardware PORTS (implemented through a distinct global varible)
  • Function calls (with: consts, globals, or local vars as argument and one intager as return value), no default arguments, no keyword arguments,no functions or functioncalls as arguments
  • nested while loops up to CONST_LOOP_DEPTH (Constant default value = 4)
  • up to MAX_NUMBER_FUNCTION_ARGUMENTS (Constant default value = 10) arguments
  • up to CONST_PC_STACK_DEPTH (Constant default value=5) number of nested function calls
  • up to VAR_MEM_DEPTH (Constant default value=20) local variables